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ANNOUNCEMENTS: 19th  Nov, 2023

1. On Sunday 26th Nov., 2023, we celebrate feast of Christ the King. The Blessed Sacrament will be exposed after the 10.00 am mass and will remain exposed for the whole day. Slots have been allotted to various group/communities and they are as follows:-

11.00 a.m to 11.45 a.m Sunday School/ Youth

11.45 a.m to 1.00 noon Ladies sodality/ Marathi Prayer Group, Pond, V. P. (W),  Ishkripa V. P. (E), 

1.15 p.m to  2.00 p.m Azad Road,  Pakhadi V. P. (E),  Highway V. P. (E)

2.00 p.m to  2.45 p.m Lohiya Nagar V. P. (W),  Milan Subway 

2.45 p.m to  3.30 p.m St. Francis Road V. P. (W), Chunnabhatti

3.30 p.m to  4.15 p.m. Nehru Nagar V. P. (W),  St. Braz Road V. P. (W)

4.15 p.m to 4.45 p.m Sarojini Road V. P. (W), Scheme V. P. (W)

4:45 p.m to 5:30 p.m Priests, Sisters & General Holy Half Hour

5.30 p.m to 6.30 p.m: Procession will move from the Church through Church road, St. Mary’s Road, followed by Marathi Sermon by Fr.Neville Govind, Act of Consecration, Prayers & Benediction in the Secondary Quadrangle. Please note, No Evening Mass.


2. The Novenas for the Spiritual preparation for St. Francis Xavier’s feast will begin with an opening ceremony on Friday 24th November at 6:30pm in front of the Church. We request all our parishioners to participate in this prayer service to begin our parish’s 90th year. Mass & preaching will be in Marathi at 7.00 am & in English/Konkani at 7.00 pm. Please note, Morning mass will be at 7.00 am instead of 7:15 am during the Novenas.  Multiple intentions can be given, which will be read before the Mass. The masses can be booked from 21st November upto 2nd December during office hours. Please note, “No Evening Mass”

Novena Program

Friday 24th Nov Opening Ceremony & Food Festival by SCCs

Saturday 25th Nov Telegames in the primary Quadrangle

Monday 27th Nov & 28th Nov Mini Fair

Wednesday 29th Nov Live Band

Thursday 30th Nov Ladies Special

Friday 1st Dec Sunday School Fair

Saturday 2nd Dec D.J. Night

Sunday 3rd Dec Morning – Auction, Evening –Singing Competition

Children from our parish interested in participating in the singing competition in English or Konkani on 3rd December are requested to register with the parish office by 23rd November 2023.

On the parish feast day, 3rd December, we will be having an auction after 7:30 am (M), 8:45 (E) am Feast mass and 10:00 am (E) Mass. We plan to auction items like: Chocolates, Cakes, Stuffed Chicken, Pigling, Hampers, etc. Those interested in sponsoring any item may contact the parish office at the earliest. We request our parishioners to wait back and join in the Celebrations in the primary quadrangle.

4. We request our parishioners to refrain from feeding stray cats inside the church premises. You may choose to feed them away from the church area.

5. Kindly Refer to the notice board for the following:

  • The Stop-Gaps Cultural Academy’s Festival of Festive music 2023.

  • St. Xavier’s College, Autonomous’ Xavier’s Global Leadership Program.

Parish Priest

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