ANNOUNCEMENTS:  15th May, 2022.

1. During the month of May the Holy Rosary will be recited daily at the grotto at 6:30 pm.

2. While we attend masses in the church we recommend wearing masks as there seems to be a spread of the virus once more; please exercise caution.

3. A number of groups have approached the parish for the use of the parish halls and have been denied the same. Kindly note that only cells and associations of our parish will be allowed to use our parish halls for their gatherings and meetings.

4. It has been noticed that while serving snacks/refreshments after funerals, death anniversaries, months mind masses, and wedding masses the church premises is being littered. Kindly note that the responsibility of maintaining cleanliness after such masses is on the party making the mass booking. Dustbins are placed at the gate near the sacristy which can be moved and used to maintain hygiene.


5. St. Andrew’s College of Hotel Management, Bandra is offering a one-year course in Hotel Management affiliated to the Maharashtra State Board of Vocational Education for students who have passed their HSC exam. For details kindly refer to the notice board.

Parish Priest